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Arts space at Hackney Downs station sees 'fantastic' response (UK)

Good to see this initiative being successful and a great use of a different kind of 'empty space'.

From Netlettings.co.uk:

Fostering pop-up-shop (UK)

Innovative use of a pop-up shop: to encourage more people to foster kids.

From Cumbria County Council:

A pop-up-shop providing advice and information to potential foster carers is opening its doors this weekend.

Vegan Pop Up market (New York)

From a personal perspective, I love this! :) And it's a good example of using pop-up to promote a particular speciality to a wider market.

Vegan Pop Up market in New York City:


From Events in the Gents to Pop Up People - New Life for High Streets

Good piece about the Empty Shops Network in the UK. Nice reuse of a public loo! :)

You can imagine how people reacted. The idea of 'events in the gents' doesn't really bear thinking about.

Premae’s ethical green swap shop

Ok, they're already an established beauty brand business, but this is quite a cool idea for a pop up shop. 

From  Premae: 

SimmerD: Local food scene looking back, going forward (US)

A summary of the success of the food pop-up phenomenon in Detroit. This bit in particular is interesting (of course lots of people will always want to buy beer more than art, but I reckon the principles are still the same). 

From Model D by Noelle Lothamer: 

Popuphood opens in Oakland (US)

In the past three years, San Francisco has experienced pop-up fatigue. The pop-up Levi's workshop. Pop-up butchers.

Videos: How to start a pop-up shop

Great set of videos compiled by Spaziale on how to set up a pop-up shop, including one by the Empty Shops Network's Dan Thompson in the UK: 

Watch the videos…

Why we're all popping down to pop-up shops

From Belfast Telegraph by Heather McGarrigle: 

Article on the pop-up high street. This part is particularly interesting: an innovative collaboration: 

One of the most talked-about ventures has been Home, an innovative collaboration between chef Ben Haller and furniture upcycling collective ReFound, run by Jill O'Neill.

These two very different businesses came together in previously vacant premises on Belfast's Callendar Street. 

Marcus Westbury at TEDxNewy

Renew Australia founder Marcus Westbury recently gave this talk at Newcastle's inaugural TEDxNewy. In it he explains how Renew Newcastle evolved from a failed attempt to start a bar. 

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