Arts space at Hackney Downs station sees 'fantastic' response (UK)

Good to see this initiative being successful and a great use of a different kind of 'empty space'.


People occupying flats to rent in Hackney are showing great interest in a new reading room and contemporary arts space that is now in place on platform one at Hackney Downs station.

Banner Repeater is an artist-run initiative that offers exhibitions, events, performance and written material to around 4,000 commuters who pass through the busy station on a daily basis.

Created as part of Hackney Council's Art in Empty Spaces initiative, it involves the distribution of pamphlets, posters and alternative literature to engage and inspire people about artistic works, as well as offering online resources and a public library archiving printed material from various creative people.

Thus far, the response to Banner Repeater has been extremely positive, with word-of-mouth spreading in such a way that it is starting to become a destination in itself, rather than simply a pleasant surprise that people stumble upon while on their travels.

Upcoming shows at the space include the digital video-based Re-Run exhibition and an event called The Map is the Territory, which assesses the way in which modern technology is affecting the production of art.

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