From Events in the Gents to Pop Up People - New Life for High Streets

Good piece about the Empty Shops Network in the UK. Nice reuse of a public loo! :)

You can imagine how people reacted. The idea of 'events in the gents' doesn't really bear thinking about.

Yet the anarchic enthusiasm of a bunch of people in Hackney to bring their local high street back to life says something about the way people care about their communities - even to the point of breaking into a boarded-up public toilet and reopening it as a 'pop up shop', a temporary space to showcase local talents.

The local council responded to this attempt to revitalise a bit of Britain's Victorian heritage with a Victorian lack of amusement, seeing the opening of the toilets as nothing but an inconvenience. The council wanted to demolish the toilets and build new shops; members of the local Clapton Improvement Society said there were enough empty shops already, and what was needed to support a vibrant new market was well-maintained toilets.

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