Kids invited to help graffiti project (UK)

Good idea - pretty up the scene and let the kids go to town with graffiti. Win-win! :)

From The Lincolnite: 

Children in certain areas of Lincoln will be allowed to spray graffiti on shop windows this month, without getting into trouble with police, writes Elizabeth Fish. 

The graffiti project from the City of Lincoln Council Neighbourhood Team allows children over eight to cover unsightly security boards on vacant shops with graffiti. 

Children from the Manse and Bracebridge areas will be guided by a professional graffiti artist, who will show them how to spray good art onto boarded windows. 

The art will then cover up unoccupied shop windows on the Manse Estate. 

Neighbourhood Manager at City of Lincoln Council Jose Bruce said: "We are hoping that the young people's art will be a talking point in the area, as residents have described the vacant shops as an eyesore. 

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