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Landlord GPT pulls out of Newcastle, but Renew Newcastle will continue

Corporate landlord GPT announced this week it is withdrawing its proposed $600 million investment from Newcastle. GPT has worked closely with Renew Newcastle, providing several of its properties to be temporarily used by creative and cultural industries projects.

So what does this mean for Renew Newcastle?


The following is a statement from Renew Newcastle founder Marcus Westbury on what GPT's departure means for Renew Newcastle:

Publications on cultural policy: Articles by Colin Mercer

Labforculture.org reports that an online collection of downloadable articles by Colin Mercer are available. 

Colin is a cultural policy analyst, consultant and researcher working in the field of cultural mapping, cultural planning, policy and development, cultural statistics and indicators, cultural capital, the creative economy and more.

Online resources for turning empty spaces into social spaces

Social Spaces, an online creative communities project based in the UK, has provided some great resources for creating different types of social spaces in empty shops, buildings and office spaces. They include:


NSW Government introduces simpler, fairer system for live entertainment

The red tape for live entertainment in NSW venues has been cut - pubs, clubs, restaurants, cafes and other venues no longer need a special licence. This measure is designed to enliven NSW's music scene, and allow musicians to do more of what they do best - perform. At the same time, community safety and neighbourhood amenity will continue to be protected.

Planning NSW has produced a set of guides that are available for free as PDFs on its website.

San Francisco enlists artists to create murals, to stamp out vandalism and graffiti

By Bobby White from the Wall Street Journal:

San Francisco has for years taken a tough stance on graffiti, doling out stiff fines and sometimes jail time to discourage spray-painting vandals. While the effort has had some success, graffiti remains rampant across the city.

Now city officials are trying something different. San Francisco is partnering with street artists–who ply their wall-painting skills legally–paying them to paint buildings.

Read more…

Pop Up Festival in Newtown, Sydney & surrounding areas

The idea of temporarily reusing space is certainly taking hold, with Sydney Fringe Festival, supported by Marrickville Council, organising a Pop Up Festival in September. Think Reclaim The Lanes reversed. Think night time. Think ambient lighting and the smell of promise that Newtown can have on a Friday night.

Cultural mapping for place making: part 1

The Urban Times features this paper by Lia Ghilardi: City University, London and Noema Research and Planning Limited,  London.

The paper deals with the issues associated with the use of culture in urban transformation and place-shaping and discusses cultural planning as a method for mapping the distinctiveness of places so that dedicated investment policies can be put in place and delivered at local level through integrated and sustainable partnership mechanisms.


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