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Gladewater: Making New From Old - the heritage tourism revival of a rural, Texas town.

Kelly Snowden's case study for The Daily Yonder, 2 August, of the heritage tourism-lead revival of a rural Texas former oil-town through antique shops and special events. She also examines the town's plans to deal with the out-migration of young people and the issue of further economic diversification:

Drive through just about any small town, anywhere, and in addition to the convenience stores, churches and funeral home, you will probably see at least one antique store. To paraphrase Repo Man, "Every town has one.” 

75 Abandoned Theaters from the USA

Matt Stopera at BuzzFeed posts images of empty US theatres. Their state of decline ironically underlined by sumptuous, deco picture palace titles - the 'Queen' of Honolulu, the 'Baronet' of Asbury Park and Cairo's 'Gem'.  The not-so 'Grand' in Dawson, (de-)'Nile' in Bakersfield and Odessa's less-than-great 'Scott', all as empty as Effingham's 'Heart'.

Reader comments include:

By the time I had scrolled down to around #6 I started to feel an overwhelming sadness, as if we are in Planet of the Apes,

Spaces of Possibility: podcast of panel on traditional vs. non-traditional venues at 2010 Regional Arts Australia Conference

Increasingly artists and festivals are creating work that is either site specific or designed to be experienced outside non traditional art spaces. The management of traditional spaces is also changing. What does this mean? And where are the opportunities?

Spaces of Possibility panel discussion at the Regional Arts Australia Junction Conference, Launceston, 28 August 2010

Moderator: Lisa Andersen (Manager, Empty Spaces Project)

Burn to Shine music project (US)

Burn to Shine is an ongoing series of music DVDs created by Trixie DVD, a collaboration since 2004 between filmmaker Christoper Green and ex-Fugazi drummer Brendan Canty. The filmmakers select a house that is set to be demolished in a particular city (so far, Washington, Chicago, Portland, Louisville, Seattle and Atlanta) and ask a member of a local band to curate the event. In one day they shoot all of the selected bands giving each band an hour to set up and perform with no overdubs or corrections.

A Street Art Map of the World?

Street Art Utopia is calling for all street art hippies to help them locate and describe the hundreds of street art images that have been uploaded to their Facebook Wall photos album.

From parking spaces to parks: user-generated urbanism and PARK(ing) Day

University students and green groups took over car spaces in Brisbane's CBD and gave them mini-park makeovers with environmental messages. Metered parking in London was used for parks, a putting green, play areas, reading nooks, a dance studio and the Museum of Curiousities. 50 makeshift parks and 'human friendly zones' popped up in parking spots across New York to shift focus from car-centric to 'grass-centric' in that city.

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