75 Abandoned Theaters from the USA

Matt Stopera at BuzzFeed posts images of empty US theatres. Their state of decline ironically underlined by sumptuous, deco picture palace titles - the 'Queen' of Honolulu, the 'Baronet' of Asbury Park and Cairo's 'Gem'.  The not-so 'Grand' in Dawson, (de-)'Nile' in Bakersfield and Odessa's less-than-great 'Scott', all as empty as Effingham's 'Heart'.

Reader comments include:

By the time I had scrolled down to around #6 I started to feel an overwhelming sadness, as if we are in Planet of the Apes,

if folks dont go they fade away


We truly are glutenous and wasteful if we can just abandon and leave behind to junk such historic and architectural wonders.

While another wrote

Insert Revenge of the Nerds style rebuilding montage»

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Wealthy Theatre urban renewal

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The urban neighbourhood renewal of the Wealthy Theatre Historic District in Grand Rapids, Michigan, started almost immediately after the theatre was restored by years of grass roots community rehab and re-opened after 20 years shuttered.

Wealthy Theatre Website.

Wealthy Theatre Before & After from Wealthy Theatre on Vimeo.

Bingara's restored Roxy turns 75

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Bingara's Roxy Theatre in northwest NSW - restored by the community and Gwydir Shire as an arts centre in 2004 - turns 75 this weekend with a restored deco cafe and a museum of Greek settlement in country Australia.

Roxy Website