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Business Start Ups Marketing Q & A

We've all heard about them, the start up businesses that have become huge successes. So what are these startups doing that's making the difference?

To find out what makes for a successful startup we have a Q&A with an inspiring panel of experts including Mat Beeche of Shoe String, Shona Mackin of socialface, Anna Macguire of Crowdfund It! and Allison Baker of HireMeUp to discuss how startup businesses can stand out from the crowd and succeed.

The panel will answer your questions and discuss how:

How to Make Money from Blogging: The Rocks Pops-Up Event

We've all seen them, the blogs that have turned into businesses and are a huge success. So how do you make money from a blog?

To find out about the different ways of making money from a blog we have a Q&A with popular blogger Christina Butcher of Hair Romance.

Christina will talk about and answer your questions on how they:

* have grown her blog to have millions of readers

* make money blogging

* the broad range of online income streams she uses including ebooks, sponsorships, affiliate programs and more

Making Social Media Work: The Rock Pops Up Panel, 10 July

This is your chance to find out how Catriona Pollard of CP Communications, Meredith Collins of Video. Social. Marketing. and Mat Beeche of Shoe String are each using social media to grow their businesses and profiles.

Each panelist will discuss how they are using social media and answer your questions directly.

Our panel moderator, Suzy Jacobs of She Business, will facilitate the Q&A.

So expect to learn:

How to Monetize the Web with Jeff Bullas: The Rocks Pop Up Event, 12 June

Do you want to know how to monetize the web so you can make money from what you love doing?

Here's your chance to find out how it can be done with Jeff Bullas as he shares his experience and ideas on how to work strategically to grow a huge following online to grow your business and take your passion from a hobby to a thriving business.

You'll come away with:

* first hand understanding of where the money is online

* how to monetize your blog

* seeing how you can make the move from the rat race to doing what you love

LinkedIn: How to Build Great Personal & Professional Profiles with Shona Mackin

Are you looking to raise your profile online? Have heard about LinkedIn but want to know whether it can really help you and your business to reach clients and grow your network? Find out how with Shona Mackin from socialface as she discusses what's involved with LinkedIn and how to make it work for you.

LinkedIn can be a great tool to promote both your personal brand and your business. In this session we will look at how you can integrate LinkedIn into your social media strategy.

How Can Business Owners Make Social Media Work?

The way we do business is rapidly changing. New opportunities are there for the taking. Don't be left behind. Get informed and inspired with Jen Bishop of Dynamic Business magazine, Suzy Jacobsof She Business and Brendon Walker of Centric Social Media!

This is your step by step guide to understanding the social media tools central to your ability to prosper in this changing environment.

How to Make Twitter Work For Business with Andrea Culligan

Are you wanting to grow your marketing reach? Have you heard about Twitter and want to know whether it is worthwhile getting involved with to grow your audience and customer base? Find out what's involved, if it suits your business and how to make it work for your business goals with Andrea Culligan of Unimail. 

Strategy, Campaign and Tactics with Laurel Papworth

You have a Facebook Page but do you have a strategy? You have campaigns but are you building community?

SEO for Beginners

Is your goal this year to start using Google and search engines to promote your business? Do you have no idea where to start? Then this seminar is the ideal event for you. Learn how to make your website or blog Google friendly with search engine optimisation (SEO) with marketing expert Dave Chaffey of Netreach.

Blogs and Social Media for Beginners

Using free tools we build a social media website, blog, shopping site. Learn how to integrate Facebook and Twitter into your website and your overall strategy.


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