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It has been a long time since I have logged in to share my thoughts on this great website. I have had many thoughts of doing so but just can't seem to keep up with all the various sites I am tapped into. Even my own website has fallen in post numbers, as I am working full time doing Placemaking for a state agency here in Newcastle.

One thing that has not changed for me, is my strong interest in empty spaces. I visited New York in August 2012 and found myself fascinated by empty buildings, empty parks, empty walls and empty blocks. You get the picture?

Action This Day: Call to Property Owners of Gosford

Gosford Property Owners

  • Is your property lay dormant in Gosford ?

Strategies on Securing Empty Spaces

So today I am doing a quick 'brain-dump' on some of the main issues that I have come across, whilst working as a Project Manager for a Creative Enterprise Hub in Gosford.

Gosford has many empty shops; retail and office. There are even whole arcades just sitting empty. Buildings become forgotten for their original purpose and they, essentially become big storage units for items that no one wants. What kind of things? Shop fixtures, desks, stock and anything else that previous owners/tenants do not wish to pay for removal on, when they are shipping out.

Call for Expressions of Interest :: Create Innovate Gosford City APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN ::

The time has arrived for new Expressions of Interest with Create Innovate Gosford City. Expressions of interest forms are currently OPEN until Saturday 31st March, by 5pm.

3d Street Art

This artist is really pushing the boudaries of chalk art!

And this is a blog with the top 50 chalk artworks.

Just for fun, pop up chairs!

I just found this cute public art project that is inspired by random chairs that 'pop-up' in empty spaces.

I thought it would be a nice bit of fun for you to see how ideas can evolve. I like the idea of stumbling acriss something that is interesting and then having a flow-on of support from others.


Art walk related

As most of you, who read this blog will know, I run a variety of arts projects in Newcastle, with Street Art Walking being the main platform of delivery.

I have been asked by the Cooks Hill TV (Traders Voice) to create a two-page spread to feature a free artwalk. I am in the process of sourcing more art sites (business are letting us come inside to courtyards, as well as outside walls) to then curate a very special street art walk.

See more about Cooks Hill TV here:

Malden artists turn switch boxes into canvases (US)

I Just found this artcile by Taryn Plub written for the Boston Globe and I thought it may be of interest to the Empty Spaces community. The article is about artists making use of utility boxes, as art canvases.

"Launched in 2010 by the community group Malden Arts and modeled after similar endeavors in Somerville and Cambridge, Malden's Switchbox Project aims to transform every street-side utility box into a work of art."

Community Noticeboards, Inspiration for Art

So I just found an amazing public art project that resonates some of my recent ideas about the importance of community space, in particular, notice baords.

I am working on some ideas at the moment on how we can create more community space for (mostly) free community events. It is hard competing with nationally touring band posters, who clearly have a large promotional budget (which should be paying for space, not stealing it!).

This project is a nice way of capturing the DIY community and their notices.


I just wanted to share my first media article that highlights my new business as a Creative Broker.

Thanks to Aloud. for the interview and chance to share my story.

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