How do you resolve conflicts?

Renew Adelaide: The small miscommunications that have arisen were resolved by clarification and clearer communication.

Art in the Heart Lismore: We listen to any concerns and try to find a solution to any particular issue that is sensible and fair.

Anyplace Rozelle: We had a conflict between studio residents over noise levels which was resolved by developing a timetable for when noisy work could be done and when the premises had to be quiet. We have also had to ask some projects to vacate the space when what they proposed did not eventuate. Resolving these 'failed' projects can be time consuming but we see them as a 'necessary risk' of offering space to start-up organisations.

The Rocks Pop Up Project: Honest and open communication with emphasis on the pilot nature of our project - where we don't expect to get everything right. We are at the stage of learning what works and what does not.

Renew Newcastle: If participants breach their agreement, we discuss the issues with them and then have a written record (usually an email) of that discussion and actions for the future. Most 'breaches' are non-critical - for example, not keeping shop opening hours. We work on a 'three strikes' approach which offers participants the fair chance to change behaviour or, after the third strike, the project is wound-up.

Pop Up Parramatta: For the shared studio space we have guidelines and requests of artists. For example: limiting visitor hours; no use of hazardous/toxic materials; and no excessive noise. We have noticed recently how many artists are banking 'everything' on the project to sell work. Encouraging them to develop other streams of income or getting other volunteer assistance to help them share the workload is critical. Opening hours are monitored and matching 'like with like' assists projects with keeping to these hours. Network meetings are conducted bi-monthly to discuss any issues arising. But, as we are learning, there are still many issues to resolve around such things as parking and event management.