Writing a funding proposal

While government can be a great source of funding for Empty Space projects, it can be resource consuming fulfilling application requirements. Therefore it is important to get it right by delivering a clear value proposition and convince your audience with a well prepared and tailored message.

developing a proposal

1. Selling your value proposition

Decision makers behind government grant distribution will assess your application based on the fundamental value proposition that your Empty Space project offers the community. In your application, focus on these core outcomes. Points to consider include:

  • Community empowerment and social outcomes
  • Economic and regional development outcomes
  • Engagement opportunities
  • Relationship management
  • Geographical market reach
  • Value for money
  • Wholesome attractiveness of the emerging local creative industries
  • Passion and loyalty of audience

2. Application preparation

The quality of the preparation of your funding application should be immediately evident to anyone assessing. Understanding what you are applying for, the outcomes they seek and what matters most is key to delivering a tailored message. Points to consider include:

  • Desk research to understand the potential business
  • Investigate strength of synergies and identify brand alignment
  • Articulated social and 'public good' outcomes 
  • Assess ability to engage community, staff, clients and other key audiences
  • Map key messages
  • Gather information about the organisation’s decision-making processes

It is usually worthwhile to Initiate a 'discovery meeting' with potential funders before beginning the application process to see if your proposal fits will with their strategic and public policy outcomes.

3. The pitch/application

You can never spend too much time perfecting your written application and preparing for your verbal pitch. The more preparation beforehand the better to help you deliver a message and increase your chance of securing funding. Points to consider include:

  • Incorporate results of any prior conversation or discovery meeting
  • Demonstrate your understanding of the potential funding agency and their policy objectives
  • Articulate alignment of brand, vision, values and reach 
  • Communicate specific synergies and key shared objectives
  • Emphasise the strength of your project's connections within the local community