Central Darling

CAMRA researchers at the University of Technology, Sydney, are working with project partners, the Central Darling Shire and West Darling Arts, in this remote shire of western NSW.

Quintessential outback Australia: a cultural profileMilparinka Stone Circle

Central Darling Shire is the largest local government area in Australia, largely desert and sparsely populated; dotted with small, one-pub towns, hundreds of kilometres apart along desolate dusty roads. But like most of the outback, Central Darling also has its share of unique cultural treasures and surprising natural beauty.


Community Cultural MappingWhite Cliffs Pub

To kick start CAMRA in the Central Darling, 23 community and cultural leaders were asked about the local cultural assets that are important to them. Some of their responses have been located in a series of maps. 


The Outhouse Research 'Run'The Outhouse

Long Drop. Dunny. Biffy. Thunderbox. These are all Australian terms for the place where some of our best thinking is done - in the Outhouse. In late 2010 the Outhouse video booth toured the Central Darling Shire with UTS-CAMRA researchers and TRAX Arts to map cultural assets and hear local stories.


Central Darling Artist Gallery

Willcannia Art Centre

We are developing a database of artists and makers who live and work in the Central Darling and telling their stories. Over the next few months, artists profiles and information on cultural activities in the region will be published here.