Shopping Centre Management

This booklet focuses on shopping centre management in New South Wales, Australia and information particularly relevant to them. 

What Constitutes Shopping Centre Management?

For the purposes of this booklet, Shopping Centre Management (SCM) are individuals or companies who specialise in managing shopping centres. They are not the direct landlord or owner of the shopping centre, but may often have leasing powers granted to them by the actual property owners.  

SCM may manage a single shopping centre, or they may manage many shopping centres. The key point is that they manage the entire centre, and not a number of shops within the centre.

As such, SCM are more concerned with the success of the centre as a whole, and will often be likely to make decisions for the benefit of the centre as a whole, even if that is to the detriment in some way to a single shop within the centre.

As less than full occupancy can create an abandoned look and feel within the centre and may influence customer’s decision to shop there, this can be of benefit to empty space projects as it may mean SCM are more willing to accept lower rent from a single shop if it benefits the centre by keeping occupancy high.