GoCart art trail in Forster's empty shops

GoCart aims to showcase the creative talents of NSW's Great Lakes artists and generate foot traffic in Wharf Street, Forster, with an April Art Trail where local artists and business owners will come together  for a month long event running from Friday, 29 March until Sunday, 28 April 2013.

GoCart art trailProject organiser Nyaree Donnelly said, "We're hoping this project takes off. By providing a cultural experience for the wider community of the Great Lakes, and for tourists during during peak visitor times in April, maximum exposure for the artists and business owners will be reached."

Premises have been donated to the community organisers by landlords eager to be part of a community event who can see the longer-term benefits of GoCart in the Great Lakes region and bringing more people into the business district.

"There's been a lot of support," says Nyaree Donnelly, "And we're still working on convincing some empty shop owners this is a good idea."

Vacant shops in Wharf Street will house the artworks for the month long period. From 3:30pm to 9pm, Wednesday to Saturday, storefront galleries - each featuring a range of local artists - will be open to encourage trade in the late afternoon and early evening for local business owners surrounding the galleries.

"We're aiming for a festival atmosphere in Wharf Street for our opening evening," said Nyaree Donnelly

Wharf Street will be closed to road traffic for the opening event on 29 March with musicians booked, a raffle and al fresco dining.

Further information from Nyaree Donnelly.


42 Wharf Street Various locations on Wharf Street
Forster, NSW 2428