Music NSW: office space and a ‘cool’ address

MusicNSW is the peak body for Contemporary Music in NSW. 
This not-for-profit industry association represents, networks and promotes the contemporary music sector and manages a number of music development projects. In January 2012 they moved into office spaces at 66 Oxford Street as part of the first set of tenancies for the Creative Spaces program.

Meg Williams, Project Manager of Indent at Music NSW, says, “In my six years with the organisation we’ve worked out of some awful spaces.

“We had this one space that was like a dungeon: very little light and bars on the window and door. Winter was terrible because you didn’t see sunlight!

“Moving into this space has been so conductive to productivity, especially in this building because so many other creative people have moved in,” she says.

The new office has also allowed Music NSW to launch a Hot Desks initiative, offering an independent office space for artist managers and other music industry start-up businesses.

Meg Williams says, “The response to the space-for-hire has been incredible and we’ve been able to keep the cost down because of our low rent. That makes it accessible for the independent small companies who are using it.”

Lower rent for Music NSW means funds have also flowed back into programming, which has resulted in a growth of their range of activities as a peak body.

Meg Williams says, “The Oxford Street office has given us a greater presence for the industry and allowed us the security to plan ahead.”

“And lot of industry people are impressed with our office on Oxford Street – it’s a cool address!”

“In this building, because there are so many other creatives moving in, it’s reinvigorating this area.  There’s another office building up the road that has a lot of great creative spaces, so Oxford Street is becoming a hub.”

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