Gosford CBD today

During my reasearch, a picture emerged of a city centre that lacked 'buzz' and vitality. A CBD where activity, according Jason van Genderen, is

purely transactional...it's not people being there because they want to be there, it is because they are just there for work, and they're all just going out and getting their lunch and then going back.

Most major activity in the CBD occurs during Monday to Friday office hours from people working in the CBD or people who are accessing the social services including Centrelink, Jobs Centre Australia, Age and Disability Services, Workcover NSW, Department of Community Services and Regional Youth Support Service.

When I visited the CBD on a Sunday afternoon between 1pm and 3pm, I found very few signs of human activity with only a small number of people on the street and only one food outlet (next to the railway station) open for business.

In comparison, during a mid-week lunchtime, cafes and other eateries were open and busy. Kibble Park (parallel to Mann Street) is also busy with young families and other people and the bus stations were crowded with older residents.

However after 5pm, Mann Street and surrounding streets quickly emptied out and the main activity was young people 'hanging out' and socialising in Kibble Park and some young mothers and their children.

Midweek scenes in Gosford CBD There are few signs of human activity on a Sunday in Gosford CBD.
Midweek scenes in Gosford CBD.

There are few signs of human activity on a Sunday
in Gosford CBD.