The Gosford Challenge: rethinking and revitalising

In late 2005 the need to re-think and revitalise Gosford was the subject of the Gosford Challenge, which aimed to:

develop and grow Gosford as a world-class waterfront regional city, within greater Sydney»The process for delivering this change is The Gosford Challenge, a comprehensive renewal program involving multiple agencies and skills, under the joint leadership of NSW Lands and the Gosford City Council. (The Gosford Challenge, 2010)

Create, Innovate Gosford City is viewed by the organisers as a 'meanwhile' project; something that happens in the interim before the development plans are implemented. For Jason van Genderen it's

a double positive because for now it can be used as something like this while it's waiting and then we know if it gets taken over, it's a piece of development that is going ahead and adding something else to the city» if the art spaces find they have this ready audience, and they get used and celebrated and spoken about, I'm sure they will find their own commercial way of existing.