The administrative body acts as a broker and liaison point between local creative enterprises and artists and property owners and real estate agents of vacant shops.

The initiative aims to simplify the process of temporarily occupying unused space waiting to be redeveloped or leased more permanently for commercial uses.

It will do this through employing a 30-day rollover license agreement between property owners and artists using the legal systems and license agreements developed by Renew Newcastle and produced by Arts Law Centre, and Renew Newcastle's participation agreement.

Although the project relies heavily on volunteer labour and the spaces being provided for free, associated costs include insurances, website development and management and employing a part-time (two or three days per week) project co-ordinator.

Create, Innovate Gosford City has identified three distinct stages of development of the project:

  • Stage 1 initial planning and formalising of Steering Committee; meeting with potential property owners and real estate agents
  • Stage 2 planning module stage including finalising a business model; marketing of Create, Innovate Gosford City
  • Stage 3 implementation of project; artists move into empty spaces; engagement of a project co-ordinator

According to Project Manager Deborah Lowndes, in November 2010 the project is transitioning from the second to the third stage.