Mapping local creative industry

Engagement with the local creative community will follow a different strategy.

Creative entrepreneur Jason van Genderen describes the arts scene on the Central Coast as tending to be siloed with "lots of pocketed communities that are very rich and ripe in the arts but spread over a large geo-demographic base". He believes that the message of Create, Innovate Gosford City will spread organically.

The Create, Innovate Gosford City team are working with GBID to develop the local Artisan Market which will run once a month alongside the successful Growers Markets held in Kibble Park in the Gosford CBD.

The Committee will use the market to promote the Create, Innovate initiative and encourage market stallholders to fill in an expression of interest for reusing an empty shopfront.

The program has also researched a creative industry database with more than 380 entries, which was developed through searching the Yellow Pages and amalgamating existing databases supplied by:

  • Gosford Council and Wyong Shire Council
  • Fusion Arts
  • Lois Randall, as part of her Arts NSW research
  • Members of the Create, Innovate Gosford City Steering Committee

It is planned to manage, renew and update the database through the project's website.

The database has taken a broad view on local creative industry using the following categories:

  • music & performing arts
  • film, television & radio
  • advertising & marketing
  • software development & interactive media
  • writing, publishing & print media segment
  • architecture, design & visual arts segment
  • education/training and instructors/tutors
  • cultural groups

There is potential for Create, Innovate Gosford City to draw together the arts and creative community in Gosford. This has already occurred with the development of a database, which makes the creative community more accessible. It will also happen by creating a 'vibe' and making local culture more visible in Gosford's CBD.