Youth vocational training

Create, Innovate Gosford City is planning that a TAFE Certificate 2 in Construction and Outfitting qualification will be run through the initiative.

Through the involvement of Youth Connections on the Steering Committee - which facilitates youth training programs - this program will 'skill-up' young people while they work on outfitting and updating the empty retail properties.

Trainees will work under the supervision of a trained professional in getting the shops ready for use.

The Committee sees this as being part of an integrated community response to youth unemployment and disengagement in Gosford.

The proposed training program will also provide the project with free labour and with other resources, such as paint, which are also covered under the Certificate program.

A consideration for the program will be about fitting the timelines of empty space reuse - and 30-day rollover licenses - with the timelines of vocational education.