Safety and security

You've opened your doors, customers are streaming in and buying your goods. So you need to protect both goods and your store.

"Firstly, assess the area the store is in. Are access areas well lit, patrolled by local security and police? Secondly, assess the store for its security," advises Dawn. "Are doors and windows adequately lockable and protected from break-in attempts? Is there back to base alarm - optimal, but an expense?  Is there a lockable storage area? 

"Thirdly, assess measures required to prevent shoplifting and petty theft. Can the desk or counter be positioned for maximum view of the store? Convex mirrors to see corners? Position of small 'pocketable' items?

"Shoplifting can be mitigated through vigilance and store planning, such as thinking about where you place smaller items or what you put near the door or outside the door if permitted. We always lock the door and count cash after the shop is closed. The cash tin is always out of sight and cash is not left on the premises. We have a convex mirror that allows us to see behind us and the shop is laid out so that we can always see when people come in and out.  

"Vigilance is the key to safe cash handling. The business owners are the only ones handling cash."