Opening and celebrating

Don't worry if it's not perfect

Opening soonIn the run-up to the opening of your space, you may feel overwhelmed and frustrated that everything isn't quite perfect. But as Dawn put it just before opening day of Honeydew Gallery:

"The reality is that when we open the doors on Monday no one's going to notice that we don't have proper lighting in the store room, or our facelift to the front windows isn't quite finished, or that we didn't get the exact furniture we wanted...

"Instead our doors will open to a fresh, friendly, bright shop with beautifully crafted, painted, knitted, sewn, polished, art and giftware at affordable prices that recognises the time and skill of the artist."

Celebrate your opening

Opening dayIt's hard work setting up and opening a new business - so congratulate yourself! Celebrate your efforts.

"Our first day was a busy one," says Dawn. "Create Innovate Gosford City prepared a press release which drew the attention of local ABC radio, newspaper and other media. We had a live radio interview, photos and an article in the paper as well as other local publications.

"The Create Innovate Gosford City Open Day was a month later and another celebration. We hosted an afternoon tea for guests who had walked around all the five projects currently under the CIGC banner. Again the papers and local radio covered the event, raising the profile of not only our gallery but the area generally.

"We continue to spruik our efforts and news via our website and through social media networks - mostly Facebook. It really keeps people in touch with what's new, keeps them curious about what we are doing and the new and interesting work coming into the gallery."