How do you select your participants?

Renew Adelaide: We shortlist applicants based on the spaces available and any stipulations the landlord has made on the types of activity they would like to see in the space. Once shortlisted, applicants are given the opportunity to provide more information on their project and answer our questions. The property owner makes the final decision.

Art in the Heart Lismore: The Art in the Heart Coordinator does most of the work matching art project to suitable spaces, in consultation with the property owner and the six-person Art in the Heart Taskforce.

The Rocks Pop Up Project:  We use a high-level matrix to assess all submissions based on strategic objectives and pertinent factors to ensure participant accountability. Transparency of process is an important factor for us.

Renew Newcastle: Applicants are shortlisted and interviewed and then ranked into four categories: with 'Priority 1' given to those with a great idea who are 'ready to go' if the right space comes up up. These 'Priority 1s' are placed on a waiting list and when a space comes up we look at that list to decide which project will be the best fit. If multiple projects would suit the space, each one is asked to make a 'pitch' for the space (some may drop out at this stage). The final list is given to the property owner to make their decision.

Pop Up Parramatta: Applicants are interviewed, then ranked against a set of criteria. This includes goal setting, hand-made, not competing with existing businesses, long-term vision, business plan in development or otherwise and 'will this add life to the city?'. Our Working Group then review the applications and act on recommendations. The whole application process can take up to one month. Then artists are shortlisted for space best matched to their needs. Then, if required, the property owner is requested to select their preference.