Agreements & insurance

Key to the success of Art in the Heart was gaining the support of the business community in Lismore, especially shopping centre managers. This has required using different leasing agreements for temporary tenants depending on the space.

Generally, Art in the Heart uses a 30-day rolling licence agreement - the 'Art in the Heart Agreement' - for temporary tenants.

"The Art in the Heart agreement clearly states the roles and obligations of the lessee and lessor. The property owner has to show me current building insurance and I have to show the owner I've got public liability insurance and a date that triggers a notice to quit," says Stephen.

But shopping centres have their own community leasing forms that include a one to seven-day notice to quit.

"With shopping centres the roles are reversed," says Stephen, "and they tell me what I can do. It's very straightforward, amenable and legally watertight."

With insurances, Art in the Heart sources low-cost, individual premiums for artists, many of whom are on low incomes. Some of their pop-up projects come with their own insurance, for example two recent exhibitions by a mental health agency involved art therapy which had its own public liability insurance.