Revolutionary Ceramicos at NEXT Gallery

Hot off the success of their 3in1 Exhibition at Bigtime Gallery in the village of Drake in the far West of the Northern Rivers region, Clare Urquhart, Cassandra Purdon and Deborah Gower of Revolutionary Ceramicos, a successful Art in the Heart project, brought an updated version of their show to a wider audience via NEXT Gallery in Lismore in November 2011.

Ceramics Crowd

The three women are in the final year of their Advanced Diploma of Ceramics at Lismore TAFE. With an Australian theme running through all three artists' work, this exhibition showcased their individual translations into ceramics of 'reef, range and red dust.'

After being given the space, the artists added some fittings to hold artwork, with the consent of the gallery director.

"The space was long but we adjusted plinths and fixtures to accommodate our artwork. The space was a long way from where we lived but Art in the Heart graciously provided volunteers for three days each week and we rewarded them with tea, coffee, biscuits and thank you's," said Clare, when asked what challenges they faced.

"Temporary parking permits for unloading and loading artwork would have been useful to make the process smoother for us, but we managed" added Cassandra.

Having access to a temporary space to exhibit their work offered the artists the opportunity to promote their work to a wider audience as well as gaining valuable experience in staging an exhibition.

"The shop front was in a central location in the heart of the Lismore CBD. It was great to get more experience in utilising another gallery space," said Deborah. "Plus we were approached by the gallery owner in regards to submitting our work. We received offers for further exhibitions and engagement with other art workers and art educators. It was a really good experience of feedback from the public in relation to where our artwork stands.

"People dropped in on the way from work, after work and specifically to see the exhibition. They either gave us their opinion or we listened to them talking among themselves and watched their reactions. We could gauge where they looked, what they did and didn't engage with, where they were from and how they found out about the exhibition."

Local businesses in the area were supportive of the temporary exhibition, with many putting up posters in their windows.

The exhibition ended on 2 December 2011.

Gallery opening Deborah Gower, Cassandra Purdon, Clare Urquhart
Gallery opening night Left to right: Deborah Gower, Cassandra Purdon and
Clare Urquhart