The agreement

The project was on a formal year-by-year lease except Queen Street paid no rent or service charges.

"Frasers kindly gave us free use of the space and they paid for the services such as water and electricity," Sam explains. 

Queen Street Studio paid for public liability insurance for the whole building as well as theft insurance. Frasers Property also took out their own public liability to cover the visual arts residents. Queen Street Studio paid for all outgoings like rubbish removal, general consumables, some work on the building to make it viable - like the sprung wooden floor for the rehearsal space, which was $6000 - and all artist fees and wages. 

Frasers Property looked after the development application and heritage application for the FraserStudios use of the heritage-listed warehouse. According to Sam Chester, this was very important as creative enterprises should avoid being bogged down with complicated DAs. 

She remembers that when they first arrived at the space it was filled with cages and not very clean. "So we asked Frasers to get rid of everything and clean the space, which they did," she says. "They also put in a bathroom and a wall and painted one of the rooms.

"We then built a rehearsal space and put in other infrastructure and Frasers were happy for us to do this," says Sam.