Lessons learned

"It was a fantastic experience," Sam Chester says. "Our vision was to be a provider of subsided space and creative development. We wanted tocreate temporary spaces that created opportunities for others and we did that."

"The lesson is that if developers and local government want temporary spaces to be used in this way, they have to back the initiative in a meaningful way, which means there needs to be an ongoing injection of cash to the organisations managing the space.

"I'm into artists being entrepreneurial but if you want amazing outcomes from a space, you have to support the organisations and people making it happen," Sam says.

In June 2012, Queen Street Studios secured another three-year, temporary use site from the City of Sydney at Heffron Hall in Darlinghurst.

According to Sam Chester, working with Frasers was an excellent way to experiment with ideas and see what works.

"Our long-term objective is to buy a building where we can have both visual and performance artists, like with FraserStudios," says Sam. 

"Our occupancy of FraserStudios was somewhat utopic - we'll never get that square meterage again in the middle of the city - but it has affirmed to us that, as an organisation, we can both aim to move into a permanent space as well as temporarily use empty spaces in the meanwhile."