The best way to make a difference in the world is to start by making a difference in your own life. To achieve real impact in your chosen field it is imperative that your project has adequate resources to remain viable in the medium to long term. This translates into dollars and cents as well as in terms of person-hours and expertise.    

The well established pathway to sustainability is developing an embryonic organisation that relies on charitable funding and government grants for financial resources and the unpaid assistance of volunteers for most human resourcing. However obtaining the desired level of financial and talent resourcing and creating a low or no-cost human resourcing model are significant challenges for Empty Space projects.

In addition, cultural funding allocations in Australia are becoming more difficult to win because of increased competition. The advent of ongoing economic fragility and global turmoil underline the very real dangers in over-reliance on singular funding sources.

This Project Resourcing Toolkit contains a number of resourcing frameworks to be considered by new or existing Empty Space projects before selectively pursuing resourcing options that may suit your project’s specific characteristics. Ultimately you should aim to diversify funding sources with options in commercialisation of your products and/or services, community funding, and government grants.

However, before you can get cracking tracking down much needed dollars, you should first understand and articulate your organisation’s requirements - dealt with in the first section 'Knowing your resourcing needs'.