Set a strategic direction

Strategic planning should be the starting point and foundation for Empty Space projects.  Strategy refers to the fundamentals of who and what your organisation strives to be. Strategic planning is creating the framework to focus the organisation towards desired outcomes – your raison d’être – and to create a clear path towards sustainability.

The case for strategic planning has been laid out by economic turmoil in recent years. Non-profit community organisations are by their nature dependant on external funding sources for survival. Even more so without a self-sustaining, revenue generating business model. This creates an operating environment that can quickly turn against the organisation, as witnessed during recession and during times of government spending cut-backs. This situation provides greater impetus to maximise all potential funding opportunities. Furthermore, the issues and communities that Empty Space projects serve are not static. This means it is critical that your organisation is built on a solid funding foundation that is dynamic and regularly evolving.

Creating a clear road map for the future with strategic planning can help your organisation achieve better, more sustainable outcomes and motivate all stakeholders towards your desired future vision.