Advisory board

Recruiting needed skills, contacts, resources and expertise starts with developing an advisory board for your organisation. This should be a volunteer, skills-based board that incorporates leaders from creative industry, relevant corporate fields and government. (Read about how Create Innovate Gosford City set up their Steering Committee to start-up their project here.)

An effective board member is not just about affluence or industry clout alone, but rather actively demonstrates wisdom, integrity and commitment to the goals and values of your organisation. 

Research has shown significant correlation between the presence of a board and organisational effectiveness, and the board activities most strongly correlated with organisational effectiveness are

  • policy formation,
  • strategic planning,
  • program monitoring,
  • financial planning and control,
  • resource development,
  • board development,
  • and dispute resolution.

The Australian Treasury suggests that limiting a board’s size leads to improved performance. The optimal size of an Advisory Board that covers all key needs is likely to contain five or six members. 

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