Internships and volunteers

As with any project in the early stages of starting up, the ability of the founders to secure human resources at minimal cost can make all the difference. Empty Space projects are in the ideal position to make the most of internship structures and volunteer recruitment organisations to provide the general person-power required to set-up and operate programs.  Consider:

  • Volunteering networks
  • Formal university internship and experiential learning departments
  • Vocational education institutes, such as TAFEs

Note of caution: interns and volunteers are usually inexperienced and need support and resourcing - which equals your time - and there are no guaranteed quality outcomes for your project. Remember to interview and select wisely based on their skills sets to do the job, the time they have available for your project and the time you have available to support their work.

More Information:

Volunteering Australia's resources for volunteer managers

Experts in Volunterring (UK) has a list of resources that include recruitment, induction, support and reward for volunteers.

Third Sector's Ulimate Guide to CRMs (US) ebooklet examines the tools available for customer relationship management of members, donors and other stakeholders (free).

National Service Resoure Centre (US) has resouces on Volunteer, Member and Staff Management (US) has a huge list of resources on volunteer and intern management