Government funding

There are a number of opportunities for Empty Space projects to receive start-up and, to a lesser extent, ongoing funding from local, state and federal government sources. However, in recent years the competition for government funding has intensified. This translates to a riskier strategy if focussed on in isolation for financial sustainability. This section looks at tactics that can be used to maximise your chance of securing an all-important grant.

Government agencies are looking for thoroughly-researched, highly strategic project proposals that are the result of strong local engagement.

At a federal government level, proposals should offer integrated solutions across all three levels of government, health providers, universities, NGOs and the private sector. Currently, some questions these federal agencies are seeking answers to when distributing funding are:

  • How will your local knowledge and expertise gained from the investment be drawn up to a state and national platform?
  • What is the precise nature of the challenge/s individual communities are facing?
  • How does your project identify  and address local skills shortages and specific drivers of growth that align with state and national goals?
  • What evidence is there that your project will act for the interests of both families and businesses in your community?

Potential government grant sources for Empty Space projects in NSW include:

Commonwealth Department of Human Services Open Grants

Arts NSW – Quick Response Grants

Regional Arts NSW - Regional arts fund

Volunteer Grants 2011 - Commonwealth Program

Australian Council for the Arts – Projects in Community Partnerships

Festival Australia – Commonwealth Initiative

Arts NSW  - National Creative Education Partnerships program - Artists in Schools

Enterprise Connect

Commonwealth Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism – TQUAL Grants

The Enterprise Network for Young Australians (ENYA) - Microenterprise Loan

More information

The Easy Grants Newsletter and Database - which has a scaled, annual subscription fee - is a good source for regularly updated information on state, federal and philanthropic grants available.