Corporate Community Investment

Increasingly, some companies recognise they have a number of legal and other obligations to non-shareholder stakeholders such as employees, clients/customers and the community as a whole.

This is now taking the form of Corporate Community Investment (CCI). A study by the Australian Centre for Corporate Public Affairs, in conjunction with the Business Council of Australia, found that Australian business regards CCI as an integral component to strategy and more companies are allocating specific budgets for their CCI activity. The bottom line is that companies see CCI as a way to influence consumer attitudes about their products or services.

The most difficult aspect of garnering corporate support for Empty Space projects has traditionally been identifying and articulating the impacts of their activities and the potential for shared value with corporate partners.

Despite this, a clear connection of shared outcomes can be made between Empty Space projects and national community development construction firms. Many of these firms have mandates to develop community infrastructure, develop aged care opportunities and have strong incentives to see the quality of the local community spaces improve. Furthermore, many large construction firms utilise significant corporate social responsibility programs as they seek to prove their worth for multi-billion dollar development partnerships with State Government and local Councils. Examples include Lend Lease, Leighton and Stockland.