Business alliances

Research carried out by the Australian Business Arts Foundation and Australian Council for the Arts suggests that many corporate decision makers recognise the unique qualities of the arts and see the value of connecting their brand to a particular arts initiative. They understand that by partnering with the arts they can achieve key social responsibility outcomes. In addition, it is widely accepted that arts partnerships can motivate and excite internal stakeholders, and help make any company an employer of choice.

The arts can be integrated across many organisational functions, fostering a genuine partnership rather than a less valued 'sponsorship' relationship. Furthermore, research shows that businesses have a good understanding of what benefits the arts can offer through partnership. Corporate decision-makers stress that arts organisations must understand their company’s business needs, and what the business seeks from a relationship.

The business advantages for corporate alliances with Empty Space initiatives may include:

  • Brand enhancement
  • Value for money
  • Relationship management
  • Passion and loyalty of audience
  • Geographical market reach
  • Engagement opportunities
  • Social investment
  • Wholesome attractiveness of emerging creative industries