Foundations and Trusts

Foundations and trusts value the role of the arts as a tool for bringing communities together, bridging cultural, social, generational or socio-economic differences, and contributing to the development of healthy, productive communities. Such values are closely aligned to the mission and vision of most Empty Space projects.

This stream includes the opportunity to raise funds from foundations and trusts to invest into projects and/or to provide mentoring and development services delivered to the artists/creatives.

Once you've done your research, your Empty Space project can also strengthen their core service offering by providing artists and creative projects with information on opportunities on foundations and trusts and guidelines on preparing competitive applications. Once enough scale is achieved, this may even take the form of workshops, which will benefit the sustainability and growth of creative project incubation. Some of the target foundations and trusts may include:

More information

For a scaled annual fee - starting at $55 per year for non-profit organisations - the Easy Grants Newsletter and Database is your best source for updated information on state, federal and philanthropic grants available.