Research on art in unexpected places

While working for the Chicago Office of Tourism, Lauren Rosenberg was drawn to the idea of discovering art in unexpected places which led to her choosing the 'pop up' movement as the subject of her Master’s thesis.

“I think a lot about how people experience things when they’re somewhere unfamiliar.  But it is really hard to talk about that from a visitor point of view,” says Lauren. “And somehow I started talking about pop ups as an example of finding art in unexpected places and realised that this is unexplored territory. There’s no academic writing on the topic.”

Case studies: Chicago, New York and San Francisco Projects

Over the course of her research, Lauren identified many different kinds of organisations who were getting involved with pop up spaces. For her thesis, she chose three projects run by distinct groups:

Although each initiative had some similar goals, they also had very different ones, which was evident in the way the program was carried out and in the results they achieved.