No Longer Empty: an artist-run initiative

The No Longer Empty project in New York was founded by Manon Sloam, a curator known for her work with the Chelsea Art Museum and the Guggenheim.

According to Lauren, Manon started the organisation because she finds more freedom to work with the artists she wants and for the artists to experiment when working in storefront spaces. 

“Their process is interesting because they pick the space first then ask artists to propose ideas that relate to that space. For example, one of their projects was in the former Tower Records Store and they used that space to put in an exhibition on the changing music industry,” says Lauren. 

“All the artwork on display related to that concept on some level. Artists were invited to participate and asked to respond to the space in their proposal.  It was a fantastically inventive use of space. They weren't using it as a white cube, they were responding to the space itself, its purpose and its neighbourhood.

"With No Longer Empty, lots of different artists get involved and really interesting work comes out of it.”

However, the challenge for No Longer Empty has been finding spaces to use, and particularly the right space – one that gives the artist something to respond to.  On the other hand, thier projects can roam more freely across spaces in New York, rather than be restricted to a particular locality, such as Chicago's Loop for the Pop Up Art Loop project.