What Corporate Landlords Want

Corporate landlords are primarily interested in benefiting the corporation and its shareholders when managing their properties. Straight profit is therefore a major objective of corporate landlords.

Corporate landlords will also, however, often be interested in such factors as: 

  • Improving brand recognition and corporate image
  • Improving public relations
  • Marketing, advertising and promotional opportunities
  • Building beneficial relationships within the community
  • Taxation benefits
  • Reducing property management costs
  • Increasing footfall to their property as a whole
  • Obtaining revenue from premises in between longer-term tenancies
  • Maintaining occupancy of premises
  • Reducing security risks and hazards such as vandalism and squatting
  • Obtaining and retaining tenants who comply with contractual agreements
  • Obtaining tenants who deal with products and services suitable to the property, location etc
  • Obtaining and maintaining tenants that meet presentation requirements and standards
  • Minimising disruption to existing tenants
  • Increasing the appeal of their premises to tenants seeking long-term leases

By understanding these goals, you can tailor your communications with corporate landlords to emphasise those aspects of your proposal that meet the goals.