It is also very important to obtain adequate insurance coverage, particularly public liability insurance, and also to encourage tenants to obtain their own insurance policies.

Adequate insurance is specified under the Licence Agreement, and it is also highly likely that corporate landlords will require that adequate insurance is in place.

Types of insurance that may be relevant include:

  • Public liability insurance: Covers damage caused to a member of the public or their property
  • Product liability insurance: covers damage caused by faulty products
  • Workers compensation insurance: Covers injury or harm to an employee while they are at work
  • Professional indemnity insurance: Covers damage caused to a person as a result of their professional activity
  • Property (building and contents) insurance: Covers damage to the insured premises, and to its contents
  • Volunteer insurance: Covers damage caused to a volunteer in the course of their activities as a volunteer

The majority of these insurances are not difficult or expensive to put in place. Further information on insurance can be found in the Arts Law Centre's 'Creative Enterprise Hubs NSW Information Sheets'.