Factors of Success

There are a number of factors that other empty space projects have demonstrated to increase the likelihood of success when dealing with SCM. These include:

  • Honesty, confidence, preparation and professionalism
  • Strength of relationship and trust between empty space project co-ordinator and SCM
  • Where possible, direct communication with SCM bypassing any real estate agent involved
  • Goodwill and support from any real estate agent involved
  • Council or local authority support
  • Having access to proper legal information
  • A background in, or an understanding of, property management
  • Being able to provide evidence of reliability/responsibility – for example through positive references
  • Being able to tangibly demonstrate the success of other tenancies or the potential success of this tenancy
  • The possession of negotiation skills
  • Participation and co-creation of value by the SCM, by involving them in the project in some way
  • An introduction through other landlords to immediately build credibility
  • Access to funds and resources – this may be used as bargaining tool e.g. cosmetic improvements on property
  • Providing assurances of safety, security, and timely exit
  • A focussed, targeted, and consistent approach with SCM likely to participate in the program
  • Inviting SCM to relevant events to foster greater interest