Programming the space

Your shop front is your ‘creative business cart’ for the outside world. Make it entertaining, inviting and attractive. Don’t let it turn into a static display, change it all the time and keep it fresh

Workshop signMake sure to have a communal area - a table, a seating area - where all can connect and ‘hang out’. (We did not have this in the second shop and it felt less cohesive.)

We did not organise exhibitions. We only did workshops and small events.  The free workshop component was part of our agreement with Council and, as a consequence, the North Sydney community had access to eight free artistic workshops a month from Hat Design to Photography to Textiles and, with my workshops, creative up-cycling and educating the community about local and individual waste issues.

Workshops are a great way to connect with groups in the community, but you can’t say 'this is what I want to do' - you have to adjust your ideas to the area to be successful.

I tried to tie in the workshops with larger festivals such as the Sydney Design Festival to put our pop up shop on the map. These are great ways to get your name and your pop up place out there.