Connecting the space to local community

Opening eventFigure out what makes the local neighbourhood tick as that will lead to a success or a failure. So learn to know the environment where your shop is in. Make friends with your fellow shop owners. Introduce yourself, be nice, be polite, greet them, invite them for a special opening, so all know what you are doing and who you are.

Make sure to figure out the traffic in your area when it’s the busiest and open on those times to connect with your community. Observe what sort of people pass your shop at what times and connect with that traffic in your programming. I learned for example that on Thursday nights a lot of women would stay after work to meet friends in the area and they loved having something creative to do during that time. And on Saturday mornings a large group of mums dropped their girls of at local ballet school and had to ‘kill’ two hours of their time. Those special groups can become great customers and each area will be different.

Tie in with festivals and events already happening in the area and benefit from them publicising your space. The only issue is that most large events work to deadlines month in advance - if the future or the lease of your pop up shop is not that long secured in advance it gets a bit harder to engage with events.