My personal and artist’s journey

As artists, we all had a fabulous time and, from total strangers a year and a half ago, many of us became close friends. In 2013 Pop Up Shop North Sydney was the Australia Day Award for Community Group of the Year by North Sydney Council.

Bottle cap art workshopAs an artist, this is what I learned from the experience:

  • I love connecting with my community
  • Through the workshops I realised I love teaching
  • I need a space to create everyday (which was not a problem in pop up shop 1 as it was larger, but there was no working space in pop up shop 2)
  • I would have preferred a space in my local community of Manly, both in terms of logistics/travel time and because I want to beautify my own locality (even though I have now come to love Crows Nest and will miss its amazing coffee shops)
  • I don't like selling stuff and I get terribly bored in a 'shop'.

It was great to see people coming from as far as Hornsby to attend my workshops and that has given me a lot of confidence - what I have to offer is unique and special.

The main lesson learned was that it was not about the outcome but the journey you’re on. Embrace the ups, but also the downs as those are the parts where you really learn.

One of my next steps will be to create an art and designer space in Manly on a more permanent basis. For this, my pop up shop experience will be very helpful as it thought me a lot - not only about what I want, but also how to work more closely with others and, above all, from what I’ve learned about business, about how to set up a space which can fund itself. 

The best thing to come out of the Pop Up Shop North Sydney is the amazing women I met along the way who continue to be in my life and who inspire me with their work and the journey's they are on. Thanks to them and to North Sydney Council for giving us this great opportunity.