Approaching property owners

Before approaching anyone with a property that might potentially be suitable, it is wise to be clear about what you are asking for and what you are offering. 

It pays to be flexible enough to respond to the needs, constraints and desires of property owners, but it is also best to do this from a position of being clear about what you want and are proposing. 

Renew Newcastle negotiates directly with property owners. As a rule, it finds them through networks of contacts, direct approaches, media and publicity, and inviting them to talks and events. In some cases, it works in reverse: property owners have approached Renew Newcastle.

Renew Newcastle asks property owners for the right to access their otherwise empty building on a rolling 30-day basis for a suitable project.

It is explained up front that the agreements offered ensure that there is no opportunity cost should someone else want to use the building. If the landlords want to sell or someone else wants to move in, Renew Newcastle projects will move out.

 The agreements are licence agreements (essentially direct contracts) rather than leases to ensure that they are as tax and hassle-friendly as possible to the property owner. 

Renew Newcastle generally likes to take the time to listen to the owners' long-term plans and allow them to be involved in selecting the projects from a shortlist that is proposed to them.