The Maps


Left: Respondent's views on where is 'creative' Wollongong (in pink). Right: 'Cool Wollongong' (in blue)

After the Festival, drawn maps were scanned, digitised and combined for analysis. Rather than discuss fully the methodology, breakdown of results and technical steps undertaken, a brief consideration of what the maps generated reveal the contours of a public geography of cultural activity in Wollongong and that what are perceived as 'creative' places are often not always the same as 'cool' places

Creative Wollongong

Respondents most frequently identified 'creative' places as those parts of the city centre with high-profile cultural institutions  - such as the eastern part of Wollongong CBD, which houses the city art gallery, theatre/performing arts centre, entertainment centre as well as cafes and restaurants - and the northern strip of beachside villages from Thirroul to Stanwell Park, considered 'arty' because of the well-known arts communities based there.

Cool Wollongong

But cool places were more dispersed and were frequently parts of the region enjoyed for natural amenity (beaches, mountains, the region's prominent escarpment, which is part of a chain of national parks in the area) or were more closely linked to people's own residential location and cultural activities. Participants themselves involved in surfing, knitting groups, local choirs, amateur theatres, skateboarding scenes, community gardens (including some illegally established on fragments of public land otherwise neglected by local authorities) tended to list 'their' places as 'cool', reflecting a high degree of localised cultural activity and attachment in Wollongong.


Network topology, place of residence and 'cool' (blue) and 'creative' (pink) places identified, all flows combined


Network topology, in-flows to Wollongong city centre, 'cool' (blue) and 'creative' (pink) responses


Network topology, internal in-flows - 'cool' and 'creative' responses same as suburb of residence


Left: Network topology, in-flows to selected south-side suburbs, 'cool' responses
Right: Network topology, in-flows to North Wollongong, 'cool' responses
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