Local Government & Empty Space Projects

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Local governments around Australia are leading the creative reuse of empty spaces in their communities by: 

  • Funding and resourcing local pop-up and renew initiatives
  • Educating their staff on the benefits of these schemes and encouraging flexibility when dealing with local creative space brokers
  • Acting as brokers themselves and introducing local arts and community organisations who need space to owners and developers
  • Promoting the idea of short term reuse of empty spaces for community renewal to retail and business sectors and their local community 
  • Providing empty or underused government-owned venues for creative use.

Why get involved? 

'Pop up' and 'meanwhile use' projects contribute to more vibrant local communities through:

  • Increased traffic, including visitors and tourists, to 'renew' areas
  • Providing start-up opportunities for uniquely local, independent businesses
  • Reductions in vandalism, squatting and other illegal behaviours
  • Improving the appearance of retail precincts by replacing 'to let' and vacant spaces
  • Boosting local economies

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If your local government is supporting an empty space reuse initiative, send us the details.

Stories from Local Government:

City of Sydney & Space for CreativityKate Murray

How the City of Sydney is supporting development of creative and community spaces, including the use of temporary-use, pop-up projects, through its activities and funding programs.  


art in the heart logoLismore City Council's Art in the Heart

Town Centre Manager, Stephen Nelson, was hired by Council to invigorate the CBD. This saw the beginning of 'Art in the Heart' and a taskforce looking at ways to transform and revitalise Lismore. An empty space program model for rural Australia.  

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museum in a mall Coffs Harbour Council's Museum in a Mall

When their regional museum was evacuated due to flooding, Coffs Harbour City Council teamed up with local mall managers at Palm Shopping Centre to bring the exhibits to the public in empty shops.

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Moth GalleryParramatta City Council Pops Up

Local government worked with landlords and artists to re-invent a downtown shopping arcade as part of the broad program of activity that is Pop Up Parramatta.


Gosford City Council is Creative and Innovative

With an 'emptying out' town centre problem, Gosford City and the Business Improvement District are partnering on Create, Innovate Gosford City to revitalise downtown and make local creativity visible.




Ballina Shire Council fills empty CBD shops with Art

While making decisions about the redevelopment of a council-owned arcade, Ballina Shire Council allows artists to use their empty shops to bring some 'colour and movement' back to the city centre.