Tell your story

If you've made temporary use of an empty space or shop for a creative or community activity, make your project visible and share your story with the growing Empty Spaces community.

Answer the questions below as best you can and email your responses to our website editor, Katrina Fox, at (don't forget to include pictures).

We'll feature your project on the site and publicise it through our networks.

Your questions start now...

  1. Where is your temporary space located? (Please provide the complete street address so we can - quite literally - put you on a map.)
  2. If you're still there, how long have you been there? If not, how long were you there?
  3. Describe the activity that occurred in the space.
  4. How did you go about getting to use your empty space? 
  5. Who is the landlord?
  6. What kind of agreement did you have in place with the landlord to use the space?
  7. How did you manage insurance?
  8. What changes to the space did you make? Were you restricted in what you could do?
  9. Were there any issues dealing with planning and local government?
  10. What reaction did you have from other businesses in the area?
  11. What were the main challenges for the project and how did you deal with them?
  12. On reflection, what would have helped make the process easier or better?
  13. What has having access to a temporary space meant for you?
  14. How did using a temporary space support your practice or business?
  15. What have you learned? What advice would you give to other people looking to legally use pop-up spaces?