Planning approvals required

Under the LEP, development consent may be required to change the use or to change the interior fit out in the building so an empty space project can be undertaken. 

The dynamic nature of these projects requires that a change of use - for example from a shop to an art gallery or from a real estate agent office to a graphic design studio - can be approved quickly through the planning system and preferably not need consent.   

Temporary use of land  

In some instances, the council's LEP may include a clause that will enable the 'temporary use of land' without the need for an approval. 

These provisions generally apply where councils wish to allow a change of use for a short period of time where surrounding amenity is not affected, for example the use of vacant offices for an art gallery.  

The number of permissible days may potentially be extended for specific temporary uses, however council and the planning department must be provided with suitable justification for such a variation.