Armidale & Uralla: A Cultural Profile

Two typical 'New England' towns The city of Armidale and the small town of Uralla just 23km to its south, are typical New England towns. Situated in the high country on the Northern Tablelands, roughly halfway between Sydney and Brisbane on the New England Highway, both are characterised by their cool, temperate climate and enjoy four 'real' seasons: a short blast of winter with fog, frosts and occasional snowfalls, and hot summers blessed with evening thunderstorms and cool nights.


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Links to Useful Tools and Information

Tools developed by other empty space initiatives and links to useful information. Suggest useful links for this page.


Art in Storefronts (US)

Art in Storefronts places art installations in vacant and under-used storefront windows in San Francisco.

Information for Landlords

Landlords are an integral part of any Empty Spaces initiative and there are many positive outcomes from participating.

Look at the case studies on this website (Link to internal page - Case studies) to see how other landlords have successfully filled their empty spaces.

Having someone occupying your empty premises can:

Legal Templates

Arts Law Centre logo

Arts Law Centre of Australia has prepared some free legal factsheets and templates for use by Empty Space projects in NSW based on NSW law.

Sample templates of a head licence agreement and participation agreement are available, as well as information about setting up an administering body, insurances and legal responsibilities for employing staff.

Renew Newcastle: A How To Guide

The following information is adapted from Renew Newcastle: Creating Creative Enterprise Hubs: A Guide by Marcus Westbury. Click HERE to download the document as a PDF.

What is the Renew Newcastle project?

Project Partners

Empty Spaces is a project of UTS Shopfront Community Program funded by the NSW Government through Arts NSW and the University of Technology, Sydney.



For Community Organisers

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About Empty Spaces

Empty Spaces Project at the University of Technology, Sydney, promotes the short-term, low cost 'meanwhile' use of empty sites for creative and community development.

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